Icom OPC-1122U

  • Genuine Icom Programming cable
  • Uses USB connector
  • Comes with driver CD, cable, and USB adapter
  • Programming software not included
  • Works with the following Icom radios: F121S,F121,F221S,F221, F521, F621, F621TR, F5011, F6011, F5021, F5061, F5061D 31, F5061D 31 EMDC,F5061D 41 RR,F6061, F6061 EMDC, F6061D,F6061D EMDC,F5121D, F6121D, F1721,F1721D, F1821,F2721,F2721D, F2821, F9511HT 01, F9511S 01, F9511T 05, CY F212S, CY5000, CY6000 41, CY6000 51, FR5000 01, FR5000 01 UR KIT, FR6000, FR6000 UR KIT, IAS VOTING RX UHF, IAS VOTING RX VHF, IAS X-BAND 50, X-BAND 50 AIR U, X-BAND 50 AIR V, X-BAND 50 UU, X-BAND 50 VV, URFR5000 41, URFR6000

Requires PC with Microsoft® Windows® 98SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista or Microsoft® Windows 7 32-bit operating system installed and USB 1.1 or 2.0 port.